Meudon Sport Complex 

The city can easily coexist with this new infrastructure, whose eastern facade is largely transparent on the sport activities and squash, located next to the senior and student residences on block 4a.

The building is designed on four levels, one of which is underground:

  • Multisport facility subject to a VEFA (sale before completion transaction) with a specialized operator (UCPA) situated on 3 levels: underground, ground floor and first floor.
  • A football field and annexes, handed over to the public administration and fitted by the city, situated on the ground floor and on the second floor.
  • A car park with 93 units for the use of the sport facility, accessible from the newly created road to the North of the building and positioned on the ground floor and on the first floor.
  • A parking in the basement for the use of the housing units in the neighboring block and accessible from the underground level of this same block of housing, the construction of which is planned as part of the construction of the infrastructure, but the layout of which is provided by the housing operator.