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The practice includes architecture firm MARC MIMRAM ARCHITECTURE & ASSOCIES and the engineering firm MARC MIMRAM INGENIERIE.

The studio has employed engineers, architects, designers, and quantity surveyors to work together on different projects.

The studio is currently active in the design and realization of large-span and steel structures as well as public engineering and architectural projects.

The studio uses sophisticated computer hardware that allows them to produce: – Architectural plans and renderings – Project descriptions and specifications – Structural calculations and justifications

The team: ( left to right)

Mickaël Busteau (quantity surveyor), Jué Xiao (architect), Clémence Lepelletier (architect), Jacques Durst (engineer), Sergio Pauletto (architect), Emilie Ballu (architect), Grégoire Arthuis (architect & engineer), Stéphane Koegler (architect)

Francis Jacquiod (architect), Martin Coulombe (architect), Thibaut Dubegny (engineer), Valérie Caruana Barry (communication officer), Kevin Joutel (architect), Georgiana Untea (engineer), Maxime Lefranc (architect), Guillaume André (architect)

Quentin Bellancourt (architect), Nathalie Kreib (architect), Sabrina Ziane (architect), Michele Bonera (engineer), Razvan Ionica (engineer), Justine Douwes (architect & engineer), Martin Fougeras Lavergnolle (architect), Anne Marie Carvalho (administrative & finance officer)

Philippe Da Silva (quantity surveyor), Rémi Lelievre (architect & engineer), Florian Bichet (architect), Marc Mimram