Bridge over the river “La vilaine” 

The new bridge is a structure oriented in the landscape by its longitudinal and transverse asymmetry.

Longitudinally, the accessible bank to the North (oriented towards the sun) and the new part of the city under construction above the embankment to the South, distinguish the places of leisure and promenade. We found here the logic of direct access to the bank, associated with the structural logic of the stand. Transversally, to the asymmetry of traffic lanes - in the first phase - and to the reorganization of the road and sidewalks - in the second phase -, we associated direct access to the bank using a staircase along the structural stand connected to a comfortable sidewalk.

Thus the bridge bases its relevance on the coherence between its oriented structure and the delicate landscape of the Vilaine River that hosts it.

The project bases its structure on the longitudinal asymmetry; it bases its connection to the bank on the transverse asymmetry.