Aquatic center in Concarneau 

Thanks to the topography, the swimmers project themselves into the natural and moving landscape of the bay, in its variable shadesof light, according to the seasons, in its orientations and mainly towards the South, through the transparency of the glass facade.

Between the Bois de Porzouforest and the beach, we designed a simple building intended for the panoramic views of bathers. The roof as a simple level curve, a plateau whose banks are adapted to the limits of the parcel, a thin sheet which frames the perspectives on the landscape.

In hollow, inside the building, or protruding from the distant horizons, a very large shell completes this cover on the roof and filters the light, a large concave chandelier, which generously changes the volume of the envelope.

Thus, the new facility is a unitary building shaped by geography, slipped into the topography to offer the shared landscape of the Bay.