Housing and offices in Bagneux 

The real estate developmentmust be in harmony with the city and the public space that qualifies it. The buildings find their place, echo here, and develop in a refined verticality, authorized by the presence of this monumental public space.

To live in this square is to find a common groundwith the large scale, amplified by the constructions that border the public place. It is a remarkable address with a strong identity, expressed not only by the architectural dimension of the signal but also by the design of an appropriate urban system. The buildings are installed toward the front of the square and echo the“city of Martyrs of Châteaubriand” housing development, which is integrated into the urban realm.

These emergences that border the square must also integrate a dimension other than the urban dimension: that of use and domesticity. Our work should allow to modify the perception of this density for a better habitability. We propose to fragment the emergences and introduce vegetation, a vector of appeasement and well-being for the inhabitants, by including in these generously planted faults, the external extensions of the housing units. The tall dimension becomes acceptable if it allows more generous attributes of use: exterior views and extensions.