Hangar 105 in Rouen 

The silhouette of the 105 is part of the morphological continuity with the existing and reconstructed hangars, but taking some liberties to distinguish and orient itself. Here, it is necessary to generously address the building to its context and to share the site, to open up on the Seine River but also towards the Eco-district. It is necessary to offer the panorama on the city and also to open up the occupants of 105 toward the South. Thus the iconic silhouette is deformed, the roof unfolds, rises to accommodate the landscape and the sun light. The structural skin, ordered and unitary, is deformed to the North side, to create a remarkable and generous urban window on the landscape of the right bank and opens to the South to allow the penthouse to benefit from the sunlight. Thus, facing the Seine River, this delicate envelope structure ripples lengthwise like a wave alongside the river. By rising, it reveals spaces intended for all while offering a wide panorama of the Metropolis.

The building is organized in three layers: the ground floor consisting of a double establishing a buffer space between the interior and the exterior and creating a winter garden for each program, restaurant, hotel, café, etc., a natural extension in mid-season of the heated spaces.

The intermediate layer constitutes the main layer, installed around the patio, it shelters the hotel rooms and the shops on the upper floor. Lifted off the ground, these two levels occupy the periphery of the building and take an interest in the surrounding landscape.

It is under the roof that the building becomes promontory. Here, large terraces benefit the various uses: relaxation area and hotel bar, to the West, brasserie, gourmet restaurant to the East. A path is organized around the patio and sheltered by the very large volume formed by the undulating roof. From this balcony, the entire surrounding landscape is visible.