The design of the new office, leisure and logistics complex initiating the urban development of Bercy Charenton offers the opportunity to constitute an urban piece that is both coherent, schematically and architecturally, thus demonstrating that a large infrastructure can be built around a strong urbanity.

Here we want to create a destination, to constitute an address, a place where the public goes to share the urban pleasures around a project which constitutes a link between the transport infrastructure and the city which it serves. The urban anchor here must be proven, delicate and demonstrative.

At all scales, the project will be seen both from the high-rise buildings of the urban project in the making, and from the Poniatowski and peripheral boulevards which allow a broader perspective on the railway “river”.

We designed this project in architectural unity and geometric diversity, in a mix of uses and scalability, in order to achieve a coherent entity that constitutes a dense part of the city at the limit with the railway infrastructure.