Swimming pool and skating rink complex in Mesnil-Amelot 

The new infrastructure of Mesnil Amelot brings together play and sporting activities, combining fitness and leisure in all seasons around water, ice and bowling. Wecentered the project around the dialogue of the seasons: interior gardens which offer transparency and transverse looks, depths bathed in sunlight and an artifice ofnature speaking of the exoticism of travel in the differentiated atmospheres of the gardens and water in all their forms.

Thus the three entities, swimming pool, skating rink and indoor street, are distinguished by the vegetal universe that they represent. The swimming pool, thanks to the tropical garden, dense, humid, colorful, is in harmony with the ambient humidity and heat.

The ice rink around its polar garden is marked by the white and blue lights of the ice. The rock is an iceberg, the mosses accompany it.

The interior street opens onto the Mediterranean garden. Orange trees, olive trees, ferns and fragrant flowers form the backbone of the equipment from the forecourt to the garden of the outdoor pools.

Thus, the theme is not tackled artificially on the equipment, it comes from play and sporting practices. The theme of the seasons and vegetal universes makes this equipment unique by the attention paid to users and to the plant universes that they see, feel and explore.