Multimodal hub 

The multimodal hub finds its relevance in the attention payed to all of the building's scales.

It is about offering a great legibility to the project in the unity of the structure at an urban scale as well as in the articulation with the park, but also in the daily itineraries of the users and activities of the staff.

By focusing on the orientation of the building, while respecting the climatic, environmental and landscape requirements, the project is anchored in its territory, and the comfort of the users is set as a priority. By enhancing the constructive quality and implementation, it is the tactile scale and that of the close perspective that is set forward. Thus the station and the awning inscribe their unity under the variable daytime lights, and at night under the reflected lights, under the roof.

The geometric and constructive order creates a gentle dialogue with the foliage of close forest masses and the project thus offers its sustainable construction to the service of the users.