Bioclimatic approach

Our approach to virtuous and energy-efficient buildings is based on bioclimatic and contextualised design. Our approach to projects is contextualised and oriented. Each project has a specific geographic implantation. A building must be in tune with this geographic and climatic context and find architectural arrangements that enter into conversation with this context. This is one of the fundamental elements of bioclimatic design. The treatment of façades, the thickness of the envelopes, their design, the form of relationship between exterior and interior, the requisite protections… characterise the epidermis of the project and its ability to create adequate comfort according to user habits.

The site of any project is not treated as a blank slate, but is considered a living, active milieu that we must integrate within and with which the project must form connections.
The idea is to undertake a collaborative approach between the built-up world and the natural world. We believe that solar, water, and vegetation development must be invited into architectural projects for user comfort and pleasure.

It is through bioclimatic design and the frugality of means implemented that we will be able to establish an environmental approach that genuinely influences users’ energy consumption and comfort.

This work is based on a fundamental examination of the orientations of façades, solar gains and filters, the quality of the roofing, envelopes, and everything that regulates the relationship to the outdoors, the exterior elements.

It is the dialogue established between interior and exterior, the position of the buildings and the various uses, the quality of the openings and orientations that allow us to capitalise on natural elements.