Cost efficiency

We have over thirty years experience in construction and a vast number of references on widely diverse projects: offices, housing, infrastructure, and civil engineering works. For these projects, as a rule, we master the full chain of production from design to delivery. In order to do so, our agency employs architects, engineers, and construction economists. Our approach to the project is based on all of this expertise and on a collaborative method between the various stakeholders in the project.

It is in this close collaboration between architectural design, engineering, and economic approaches that we find the appropriate tone to adapt each project to the client’s needs and means. It is a reasoned and mastered approach, enabling us to target efforts and approaches without ever losing sight of the power of a project or its emblematic character. The works that we develop are bold, but this boldness is based on our expertise and our mastery of geometries and complex forms, costs and implementation.

The mastery of costs is also achieved through special attention to the economic context, local knowhow, and the fabric of the company. This also naturally reflects a broader sustainable approach.