• Project
    Multi-sports facility of Meudon
    Nexity / OGIC
    Marc Mimram Architecture et Ingénierie, CD2i, CASSO, BTP Consultants, Cronos conseil
    2014 — 2021
  • Surface
    8 338 m²
  • Cost
    19,7 M
    RT 2012
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We laid out the overall concept for the project and chose to build the new sports facilities on top of one another. This scenario was by far the most effective: it made it possible to intensify use, to create a unique, remarkable object, to offer larger public areas and to free up more land.

The football pitch suspended 8 meters above the ground has a large roof under which are found a wide range of other facilities: a skating rink, a climbing wall, six squash courts, a padel court, a huge lobby with an eating area, a kid park, cardio and fitness rooms, a car park, changing rooms, etc. Generously glazed and designed to be a showcase for the sports ac-tivities that take place within, the building is not only for sports; it also acts as a meeting place for different visitors. It is a vibrant space that fosters interaction and sharing at the intersection of different mutually visible practices. With its large lobby and eating area, it is a multi-functional, user-friendly building open to public space. The sports activities create a dialogue with the surrounding town and provide a remarkable destination that all can enjoy.