Gare Montpellier Sud-de- France
    SNCF Réseau / Partenariat Public Privé / ICADE Promotion - Fondeville - Cofely
    Marc Mimram Architecture et Ingénierie, Atelier d’Architecture Emmanuel Nebout, Egis, Elioth, Agence ON
    2014 – 2017
    6000 m²
  • COST
    70 M€
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Montpellier station embraces its role as a multimodal hub by forming a large ‘shelter’ for a range of different mobilities and functionalities. The roof with its patterns of shadow and light lies at the intersection of all the traffic flows. An landmark easily identifiable from any direction, the roof offers a covered public space that not only supports connections between the different modes of transport but also forms a waiting area, a meeting place and a workspace.

 The station is a place of transit, but it can also become a place to stay a while, hold a meeting or meet a friend. The use of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) for the roof reflects the need to create, in this initially highly exposed environment, a unique atmosphere of shadow and light while carefully controlling the thermal behaviour of the space by using a single material. Using UHPFRC also makes it possible to span the large areas inherent in this type of facility.